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Our people

Everyone who works for our organisation shares a common desire to make a real difference.

Our core staff is a small but dedicated group of people, working to deliver our partnership programme, support our Faculty, and deliver our programme of research, policy and good practice. Our work is overseen by our Board of Trustees and supported by Pathway Fellows – a group engaged in inclusion health related research and interventions.

Pathway Fellows

We are fortunate to work with the Pathway Fellows, a group of like-minded individuals who are either engaged in a formally funded inclusion health related research program, or who are developing inclusion health related interventions which have the potential to have a system-wide impact. They benefit from mutual support and knowledge sharing, and provide Pathway with a rich seam of expert insight and advice on inclusion health, which flows through all our work. Pathway Fellows are formally linked to Pathway via a grant, or informally linked through specialist interest.