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Areas of focus

We offer a range of expert support and advice to NHS Trusts, the wider health service and policy makers.

Pathway Partnership Programme

Our partnership programme is dedicated to supporting and spreading the Pathway model, ensuring more hospitals benefit from expert teams who can meet the housing, medical and social needs of their patients who are experiencing homelessness. These patients experience very poor health and major barriers to healthcare services – the NHS often finds it difficult to treat them due to their multiple and complex health needs. 

Pathway teams are specialist, multi-disciplinary groups who work with such patients holistically, stabilising and addressing their medical, housing and social needs. In 2021/22, our teams supported over 2000 people, seeing a 50% reduction in their rough sleeping and doubling the number who have access to an appropriate GP. 

The first Pathway team was founded in 2009 and we now support teams across the country through our Partnership model. In recognition of their services, our London teams won first prize at the 2022 London Homelessness Awards.

Faculty for Homeless and Inclusion Health 

The Faculty is a 2,000 strong network of professionals and people with lived experience who share our passion for inclusion health. It provides a way for the inclusion health community to meet to share good practice, solve problems together and provide support to one another.

The Faculty hosts the annual International Inclusion Heath Symposium, now in its thirteenth year. The conference attracts international speakers sharing the latest in clinical practice, research and evidence-based system change for inclusion health.

Research, Policy and Practice 

Pathway supports the inclusion health community in developing new research, qualifications, and guidance, with a view to improving the services offered to people who are experiencing homelessness and other forms of deep social exclusion. 

We have published three editions of the Faculty’s Standards for Commissioners and Service Providers. We also publish good practice on a wide range of other topics including end-of-life care and homelessness; mental capacity and the Mental Health Action; inclusion health nursing and much besides. You can look through our published training and research resources here.

We extend this good practice and expertise into our wider training offers, hosting training and support for frontline health and homelessness services across subjects such as Mental Capacity Act Assessments, inclusion health commissioning, advanced care planning and end of life care. 

We also provide expert advice on national policy, drawing on our network of experts and the insights of our hospital teams. We have an overarching goal of system change, so that inclusion health groups experience better health and are able to access the healthcare they need.