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Pathway is the UK’s leading homeless healthcare charity; and has helped 11 hospitals in England to create teams who take care of over 3500 homeless patients every year. Pathway also carries out research and provides training through the Faculty for Homeless and Inclusion Health, a network of more than 1700 people who are passionate about healthcare for excluded groups. People who have been homeless are included in every area of our work.


Can wine gums help fight tuberculosis?
winegumsMartin was homeless and hospitalised with tuberculosis. He faced 3 months in an isolation unit. He had no one to visit, no money for hospital TV and he was alone, ill and unhappy. Pathway’s Care Navigator bought Martin magazines and his favourite treat – wine gums. He visited regularly for chats and helped him plan for his future. Without this support Martin says he would have absconded, may well have died, and could have spread tuberculosis on London’s streets. Who knew a wine gum could be so powerful?



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What We Do

Pathway teams Pathway is the UK’s leading homeless healthcare charity, helping the NHS to create hospital teams to support homeless patients. Each team includes a specialist GP, nurses, allied health professionals, housing experts and in some... Read More

Vision & Mission

Pathway Mission Pathway is the UK’s leading homeless healthcare charity. We work with the NHS and other partners to... Read More


Pathway’s Strategic Plan 2015 – 2019 This is Pathway’s second strategic plan, prepared and agreed just six weeks before... Read More

Our People

  Pathway is led by a group of Trustees and Senior Management team. It is also supported by Pathway... Read More


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The History of Pathway

Professor Aidan Halligan and Dr Nigel Hewett started looking at the quality of care received by homeless patients in... Read More

Patient Stories

Pathway teams work to support homeless people in hospital, trying to find every patient a safe place to go... Read More


This page describes some of the main agencies we are collaborating with, and give links to some of our funders... Read More

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          This is Pathway’s video library where you will find useful resources for better inclusion... Read More

London Homelessness Awards 2022

The London Pathway Partnership Programme was announced as the first prize winner at the 2022 London Homelessness Awards. This... Read More