Professor Foster is a Professor of Hepatology at Queen Marys, University of London and a consultant at Barts Health in East London.

He trained in Medicine at Oxford and London Universities in the 1980s and completed a PhD in Molecular Biology in 1992.  Professor Foster has a long-standing interest in the management of chronic liver disorders, with particular reference to viral hepatitis, and runs a clinical research program studying the natural history of viral hepatitis, its impact upon patients and their communities and novel therapies for this disease.

Professor Foster has a special interest in the care of marginalised communities and has led efforts to expand services to the most vulnerable in our society. He has led national studies investigating community screening for viral hepatitis and supervises a laboratory research program investigating viral-host interactions with particular reference to AAV and its use in gene therapy.  He has published widely in the field of viral liver disease. Professor Foster was the national clinical lead for the NHSE HCV program from 2017 to 2023 and remains committed to the national and global elimination of hepatitis C.