Jo Land is the CEO of Avenues Group, a specialist provider of support services to people with learning disabilities, autism and acquired brain injury. Also, she is a Non-Legal Member of the Employment Tribunal service.  

She began her career as a HR professional in the private and commercial world, and moved to the not for profit sector over 20 years ago as values were more important to her than profit. She is an experienced senior leader in social care, the sector which she cares passionately about. She believes that collectively great things can be achieved for: people and their families that are supported, the employees and the wider communities in the social care sector, and that the reach and influence of the sector is underestimated.  

As a Pathway trustee she hopes to contribute to the charity’s work for the better of the client group at the intersection of health and homelessness by helping to influence policy, research and decision making at all levels, including central and local government.