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Intermediate Care resources

June 2024

Breaking The Cycle: Improving Hospital Care and Discharge for Patients Experiencing Homelessness - The Pathway Partnership Programme Annual Report 2022-23

June 2024

Needs Assessment for Patients Who are Homeless - Homerton University Hospital NHS Trust & City & Hackney Centre for Mental Health

March 2024

Always at the Bottom of the Pile: The Homeless and Inclusion Health Barometer 2024

January 2024

Beyond the Ward – Exploring the Duty to Refer in Hospital Settings

January 2024

Evaluation of the Pan London Substance Misuse In-Patient Detoxification and Stabilisation Unit and Intermediate Rehabilitation Beds

November 2023

The Faculty for Homeless and Inclusion Health Service Standards for Commissioners and Service Providers

July 2020

Rethinking Homelessness: Clinical Perspectives

May 2020

Homeless medical respite service provision in the UK

February 2020

A Needs Assessment for Homeless Medical Respite Provision in North Central London

July 2018

How to do a needs assessment for a medical respite service

January 2017

Piloting a Medical Respite Service for Homeless Patients at University College London Hospitals

October 2016

Homeless Medical Respite in the UK: A Needs Assessment for South London

April 2016

Options for Delivery of Homeless Medical Respite Services

May 2013

Pathway Medical Respite for Homeless People

May 2012

Pathway Medical Respite Centre: Feasibility Study & Advisory Panel Response

April 2011

Homeless and Inclusion Health standards for commissioners and service providers