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Join the Faculty for Homeless and Inclusion Health alongside hundreds of other professionals wanting to make a difference.

The Faculty for Homeless and Inclusion Health is a network organisation for people involved in healthcare for people experiencing homelessness and other excluded groups, including Gypsies, Roma and Travellers, vulnerable migrants and people selling sex.

With members across the country, the aim of the Faculty is to improve the quality of healthcare for these inclusion health groups. We do this by setting standards and supporting services in which generosity, kindness, and compassion combine with a passionate commitment to professional quality of care. 

Membership is open to: 

  • Doctors 
  • Nurses 
  • Support workers 
  • Housing officers 
  • Social workers 
  • Dentists
  • Pharmacists 
  • Public health experts 
  • People with lived experience 
  • Researchers 
  • Commissioners 
  • Students 

Join the Faculty

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Benefits of joining

There’s no other network like it! Professionals working with excluded groups can sometimes feel as excluded as those they work with, and the Faculty aims to combat this for all inclusion health specialists and students. To date, the Faculty’s establishment and development has been entirely funded by Pathway, which continues to host and support the Faculty. 

Basic membership of the Faculty is free of charge; but to help the network to keep going we need those who are able to make an annual voluntary subscription. We suggest three different levels of subscription, giving you options based on your ability to pay or the degree of value you gain from being part of the network. We do not expect people with lived experience or students to contribute financially in this way. 

When you sign up to the Faculty mailing list below the three different levels of subscription will be automatically suggested when you click on the subscribe button at the bottom of the page. You can still choose to join without paying anything at all, but if you are employed and feel able, we hope you will choose to make a donation of one of the suggested amounts. You can of course choose to donate more too. 

All Faculty members receive: 

  • Regular e-newsletters on the latest developments in inclusion health 
  • Networking and professional support meetings 
  • Select job opportunity notifications in inclusion health 
  • Access to low cost CPD and training opportunities 
  • Discounted tickets to the Faculty’s International Symposium for Homeless and Inclusion Health 
  • Opportunities to contribute to the newsletter  
  • Ability to advertise jobs to over 2,000 Faculty members

Support the Faculty

Pathway launched the Faculty for Homeless and Inclusion Health in 2011 as an open professional network for people who want to improve healthcare for those who need it most. In 2013 the Lankelly Chase Foundation granted us three years funding to further develop the Faculty.  Since 2017 Pathway has supported the Faculty’s core administrative costs from within our limited charitable funds. We now invite individual members to make regular donations to help us keep the Faculty going. 

Membership of the Faculty remains free and open to all, however if you can afford it and want to support our continuing work – challenging the system to improve care for our populations – please set up a regular donation.  You can do this quickly and easily online here

Alternatively, you can set up a Standing Order using this form (this avoids us having to pay the administrative costs charged by online charity donation systems). 

Some inclusion health organisations – Bevan Healthcare for example – have chosen to make an annual corporate donation to support the Faculty’s work, calibrated in relation to their number of staff. If you would like to do this, please contact us at

Your voluntary subscription will go towards the administrative costs of maintaining the Faculty, including the regular newsletters and updates, meetings and specialist networks, and planning for the annual international symposium. All Faculty members get free access to regular email newsletter, Faculty news feeds and discounts to the symposium. 

Your regular donation helps us to keep the Faculty free for other people who are unable to make one.