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Welcome to the Faculty

The Faculty for Homeless and Inclusion Health is a multi-disciplinary network focused on health care for people experiencing homelessness and other excluded groups.

A network of opportunities

The Faculty for Homeless and Inclusion Health is an inclusive membership organisation for people involved or interested in healthcare for people in Inclusion Health groups. Such groups include: 

  • People experiencing homelessness 
  • Gypsies, Roma and Travellers 
  • Vulnerable migrants 
  • Sex workers 

Our aim is to improve the quality of healthcare for people experiencing homelessness and others in inclusion health groups. We do this by setting standards and supporting services in which generosity, kindness, and compassion combine with a passionate commitment to improving the quality and outcomes of services. We believe these attributes should become the defining characteristics of health services for homeless and multiply disadvantaged people. 

Led by Dr Chris Sargeant, Secretary to the Faculty of Homeless and Inclusion Health, and hosted by Pathway, the network brings together a wide range of people working in the sector, who care and reaffirm the fundamental right for all patients to be treated with dignity, compassion and respect. 

Membership is open to all health professionals, social care professionals, housing and hostel workers, social workers, public health experts, support workers, outreach providers, commissioners, students, researchers and people with lived experience. 

Members include paramedics, podiatrists, dentists, professors of epidemiology, psychiatry and infectious diseases, general practitioners, hospital consultants, specialist and district nurses, physiotherapists, psychotherapists, psychologists, counsellors, students from health related disciplines, and drug and alcohol specialists. 

Changing the shape of healthcare

Following publication of the Homeless and Inclusion Health Standards for Commissioners and Service Providers, the Faculty has worked on: 

  • Improving data sharing across services for people who are homeless 
  • Emergency medicine and homelessness 
  • Developing shared approaches to clinical governance for homeless health services 
  • Supporting research 
  • Providing Continuing Professional Development
  • Building national and regional support networks 
  • Improving education for undergraduates and professionals 

We work hard to ensure that our research is free and open access wherever possible.

The Faculty is currently free to join and membership is open to any professional who works in this area or students studying a health-related course. People with personal experience of homelessness and an interest in changing health services are warmly welcomed. 

Membership offers free clinical updates on areas of interest, and the chance to meet colleagues through free regional meetings across the country. Members also receive discounts on tickets to the Faculty’s annual conference, which brings together hundreds of delegates from across the world to share the latest developments, research and evidence. 

The vital work of the Faculty cannot continue and thrive without the financial support of our members. If you can afford to support our work, please make what you feel is an appropriate donation or set up a regular standing order (we do not expect people with lived experience or students to make a financial contribution).

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