Vince was a self-employed electrician for 40 years. Aged 59, he had no family and moved around regularly to find work, usually staying in local B&Bs. When work took a downturn he couldn’t find another contract, and couldn’t pay for his B&B room. In debt and desperate, he took an overdose and was hospitalised. During his treatment staff found out that Vince was diabetic. 

The Pathway team went to see Vince, a Care Navigator who had been through a similar situation shared his own story and they went to the housing office together when Vince was discharged. The Care Navigator helped Vince negotiate a return to his B&B with backdated housing benefit to pay his arrears and an application for  benefits until he could get back to work. 

Vince’s benefits were delayed and he returned to hospital a week later at breaking point. The Pathway team helped him  apply for a crisis loan and gave him a Dignity in Care package to buy food to stabilise his blood sugar. This simple support prevented another overdose or diabetes related admission.