Darren was a 28 year-old male whose relationship with his mum and dad had recently broken down, although his dad continued to offer some help at arm’s length. Darren suffered with substance misuse issues and was admitted to hospital following a fit due to alcohol withdrawal. 

When the team first met Darren, he was unkempt, unshaved and in unclean clothing. After accepting support from the team, they were able to get his dad to supply some clean clothing and helped refer Darren to St George’s Crypt. St George’s Crypt were able to secure him accommodation at Growing Rooms, and after successfully settling in, Darren is now working at the Crypt in the canteen.  

Following the support from the team, his relationship with his mum has improved and he now spends time at the weekend with his family. He is now in receipt of benefits and looking to use his work experience in the canteen to gain access back into a paid job. His mental wellbeing has dramatically improved and he is now helping other people experiencing homelessness to consider their options.