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The Hull Pathway team launched in October 2019.

The Modality Homeless Health Team in Hull is a nurse led team employed by a large GP Partnership organisation, and aims to bridge the gap between primary and secondary care for people experiencing homelessness in Hull. The team was initially launched in 2019 and Modality Partnership took over in October 2021.  

The team currently consists of a nurse manager, lead nurse, LD full-time hospital nurse, community nurse, two GPs, care co-ordinator and care navigator. The service has made great progress in providing collaborative health care its clients, having managed to secure a fixed dental contract with 2 sessions per week, whilst a hospital liver specialist nurse is working with the team to provide liver scans in hostels and out in the community. There is also a drop-in tissue viability service once a week and a drop-in podiatry service monthly. 

As part of the judging process for the Nursing Times Award, the team produced a short film with the help of one of their clients.

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Hull Pathway team first year report

Having been in-and-out of services for many years, Tom had an extensive history of offending and found services difficult to access. In one year of homelessness he had 37 hospital encounters, including 13 admissions.

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