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Secondary Care resources

January 2010

Initial evaluation of the London Pathway at University College Hospital

August 2010

Editorial on homeless healthcare (Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine)

February 2011

A report on the first 12 months of service development

April 2011

Homeless and Inclusion Health standards for commissioners and service providers

June 2011

Pathway Needs Assessment for the Royal London Hospital

June 2011

Homeless Care at University College London Hospital Trust

September 2012

Improving Hospital Care for Homeless People

September 2013

Integrated Care for Homeless People

October 2013

Kings Health Partners and the Impact of Homelessness

June 2014

Closing the Gap Through Changing Relationships

July 2014

MPATH Homeless Inclusion Pathway Team – The first six months report

August 2014

Homelessness, Social Exclusion and Health Inequalities: Long-term impacts of Recession (2014 International Symposium Report)

December 2014

North Middlesex University Hospital

April 2015

KHP Pathway Homeless Team – first year report

April 2016

Integrating Health Care for Homeless People: Experiences of the KHP Pathway Homeless Team

May 2016

Supporting Employee Driven Innovation in Healthcare

June 2016

Randomised controlled trial of GP-led in-hospital management of people experiencing homelessness 

July 2016

Turning Virchow upside down: medicine is politics on a smaller scale

August 2017

Positive Outcomes for Homeless Patients in UCLH Pathway Programme

June 2018

Royal Perth Hospital Homeless Team – A Report on the First 18 Months of Operation

May 2020

Impact on the use and cost of other services following intervention by an inpatient pathway homelessness team in an acute mental health hospital

July 2020

Rethinking Homelessness: Clinical Perspectives

January 2021

Hospital readmission among people experiencing homelessness in England: a cohort study of 2,772 matched homeless and housed inpatients

February 2021

Hull Pathway team first year report

August 2022

Salford Pathway team: first year report

October 2022

Service Evaluation of Homeless Support Team (HST) Pilot in Bristol Royal Infirmary

December 2022

St George’s Homelessness Inclusion Team Evaluation Report

November 2023

Homeless digital health-screening template

November 2023

Training on homeless health for Emergency Medicine staff and ward teams

November 2023

The Faculty for Homeless and Inclusion Health Service Standards for Commissioners and Service Providers

November 2023

Homelessness Needs Assessment – Brighton and Sussex University Hospital

January 2024

Beyond the Ward – Exploring the Duty to Refer in Hospital Settings