Leading health professionals have issued a joint statement on inclusion health calling for joined up thinking on homelessness, exclusion, inequality and health in the wake of the Homelessness Reduction Act.

The statement, from The Academy of Royal Medical Colleges (the coordinating body for all 24 medical Royal Colleges and Faculties across the UK) and The Faculty for Homeless and Inclusion Health, recognises inclusion health as a discipline and commits all Royal Medical Colleges to redressing “extreme health and social inequities among the most vulnerable and marginalised”.

In light of the statement, The Faculty will be working with the Royal College of Physicians and other key partners to help clinicians understand their duties to refer patients for support under the new legislation. Dr Nigel Hewett, Secretary to the Faculty for Homeless and Inclusion Health said:

“Faculty members come from across the NHS and beyond. They work together to get the best outcome for their patients. Every discipline in healthcare has a contribution to make to the care of our most vulnerable fellow citizens. The recognition of our shared responsibilities in this statement is a huge leap towards that goal.”

The Homelessness Reduction Act received Royal Assent on 27th of April. It’s provisions are expected to come into force in 2018.

Click here to download the joint statement (external website)