Join The Faculty For Homeless and Inclusion Health

The Faculty is a network organisation for people involved in healthcare for homeless people, gypsies and travellers, vulnerable migrants and people selling sex. Membership is open to:

  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Support workers
  • Housing officers
  • Social workers
  • Dentists
  • Public health experts
  • People with lived experience of exclusion
  • Researchers
  • Commissioners

With members across the country, our aim is to improve the quality of health care for homeless people and other excluded groups. We do this by setting standards and supporting services in which generosity, kindness, and compassion combine with a passionate commitment to professional quality to become the defining characteristics of health services for homeless and multiply disadvantaged people.

Why Join?


There’s no other network like it! Professionals working with excluded groups can feel as excluded as those they work with, the Faculty aims to combat this for all inclusion health specialists. To date the Faculty’s establishment and development has been entirely funded by Pathway, which continues to host and support the Faculty.


In 2018 we undertook a survey of current members, asking for their feedback. People were very happy with what we have achieved together, and many wanted more. Colleagues also said they were happy to be asked to contribute towards the running costs of the Faculty. Also in 2018 one of Pathway’s major donors, who had invested in the initial development of the Faculty gave notice that they would not be renewing their core grant. In response to this we have launched a voluntary subscription scheme, to help us fund the basic administrative costs of running the Faculty.


Basic membership of the Faculty is free of charge; but to help the network to keep going we need those who are able to, to make an annual voluntary subscription. We suggest three different levels of subscription, giving you options based on your ability to pay or the degree of value you gain from being part of the network.


When you sign up to the Faculty mailing list below the three different levels of subscription will be automatically suggested when you click on the subscribe button at the bottom of the page. You can still choose to join without paying anything at all, but if you are employed and feel able, we hope you will choose to make a donation of one of the suggested amounts. You can of course choose to donate more too.


All Faculty members receive:


  • Email updates on the latest developments in inclusion health
  • Networking and professional support
  • Select job opportunity notifications in inclusion health
  • Access to low cost CPD and training opportunities
  • Discounted tickets to the International Symposium for Homeless and Inclusion Health


As the Faculty develops all members will receive benefits such as the following, as they become available:


  • Discounted training opportunities
  • Discounted CPD opportunities
  • Early bird discounted access to the International Symposium for Homeless and Inclusion Health
  • Access to exclusive lectures
  • Access to additional special interest meetings
  • Free job advertisement hosting on our website
  • Informal support network meetings
  • Other benefits as they are developed

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