Patient stories continued (Video Chest)

Some of the most powerful messages Pathway have to offer comes from our patients. Often the story of their lives, damaged, ignored, disengaged will slowly unravel when they arrive at one of the hospital sites and begin getting healthcare, sometimes for the first time in many years.

Pathway have produced this series of short films with our hospital team members describing their work with homeless patients, and how our teams work with partners inside and outside hospital. We hope they are useful for colleagues introducing new teams in other partner hospital trusts.

Click the links to watch:

Pathway’s Chairman Professor Aidan Halligan describe the foundation of Pathway
Dr Tim Robson talking about a number of components of the service, and his experience of joining the UCH Pathway team
David Robertson, a Westminster community drugs worker recounting the case of a particularly complex patient
UCH Pathway nurse Florence Cumberbatch talking about working with housing departments and other colleagues, and dealing with challenging patients
Trudy Boyce, Senior Care Navigator Co-ordinator and Pathway’s first nurse, talking about bringing compassion to patient care and the realities of working with the most excluded in our society
Pathway Senior Care Navigator Josie Mavromatis talks about escorting patients out of the hospital, and tells her own remarkable story of recovery from many years living on the streets


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