This isn’t going to happen

Josie talks about an occasion where she had advocated with Housing Department to secure a safe place for one of the patients who had been bullied and attacked by a resident of a local hostel.

2Four WallsJosie talks about helping a patient move to a place in a hostel where he was happy from a self-contained one bedroom flat where he had experienced feelings of isolation and loneliness. She also talks about lessons she learned from this experience. 
3Out ThereJosie tells her own story, she speaks about how she has turned her life around, people who helped her on the way, and how she uses her experience to help homeless and other vulnerable people. 
4HighlightJosie talks about a particular patient to whom she has been providing long term support and ‘friendship’, and the need to recognise boundaries, appreciate the patient’s loneliness but also to balance this with the ultimate goal to withdraw the ongoing support.