Pathway is delighted to announce dates for the 2015 Faculty for Homeless and Inclusion Health International Symposium: 4 and 5 March 2015.  The two day meeting will once again be held in London.  Work is under way to develop the programme, attract sponsorship and encourage colleagues from across the NHS, local government and the voluntary sector to come along to two days of passion, debate, and shared learning.  Next year’s symposium will take place only a couple of months ahead of the UK general election so it will be a good time to assess the achievements of the coalition Government in meeting it’s ambition to improve the health of the poorest fastest.  We are also planning for the 2015 symposium to have a strong focus on mental health, given high prevalence of mental illness and distress among homeless and otherwise excluded patient groups.

Click here to visit the 2015 Symposium web site, with full programme details and booking information.

Complete electronic records of our first two symposia are now all freely available. We have produced a quick guide to all the presentations at the 2014 symposium so you can review the whole event and easily find what you need, from the main keynote presentations to the practical workshop sessions.  Click here to see more.