Pathway and the Faculty for Homeless and Inclusion Health (FHIH) have been working with the Royal College of Emergency Medicine (RCEM) and the Royal College of Physicians  to publish exciting new research into the experience of homeless patients in Accident and Emergency Units.

23 Accident and Emergency Departments audited all homeless patients using their services for 2 weeks, investigating the care they received, and onward referrals that were made.

This us the first time that a national multi-centre clinical audit of ED care for homeless people has been carried out in the UK.

Secretary to the Faculty for Homeless and Inclusion Health, Dr Nigel Hewett, said:

“RCEM is working with the Faculty to encourage more ED’s to improve their care of homeless people.  An effective response to this complexity requires multi-agency coordination and links to appropriate services and support.”

Download the press release

Download the full reports from the RCEM website