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Homeless hospital discharge nursing

October 2019

                      Pathway were recently awarded a 15-month leadership grant from the Burdett Trust for Nursing to identify, network and support all nurses working across the UK in the emerging discipline of homeless hospital discharge. Homeless hospital discharge nurses work in partnership with patients experiencing homelessness […]

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Free Opportunity for Experts by Experience

February 2019

Have you lived through homelessness, addiction, violence or abuse, sold sex or been involved in the criminal justice system? Or perhaps you are from a marginalised group, such as the gypsy and traveller community, or faced struggles after coming to the UK as a migrant or refugee. Most importantly, would you like the chance to take a […]

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Digital Revolution in Homeless Healthcare

August 2018

Pathway has introduced the first dedicated digital health-screening template to help health services supporting homeless people. Following two years of development with EMIS Health, the template is now available free of charge to organisations using the EMIS Web clinical system. It was supported by 11 specialist homeless healthcare services for use by 200 staff. Developers […]

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