[arve url=”https://youtu.be/SZEfBkI7mao” title=”Homelessness and palliative care” loop=”no” muted=”no” /]

A new film about palliative care and homelessness, commissioned by St Ann’s Hospice shares the experiences of professionals across the sectors and people affected by homelessness.

By hearing from people affected by homelessness, frontline staff and professionals, this short film highlights the unmet needs and demonstrates what we can all do to improve equity of care for this underserved population. 

Thank you to the individuals and organisations who contributed to this film, including: St GilesMedical, Dr Caroline Shulman of Pathway/UCL, Providence Row Housing Association, SHP, Dr Dana Beale of Great Chapel Street Medical Centre, St Mungo’s, Groundswell, Urban Village, GM Housing First, Dr Ruth Eldson of GM Homeless Mental Health Team, Tony McManus, Diane Clarkson, Dr Kathryn Mannix and Sir Edward Davey.