We have been overwhelmed with messages of condolence, support and solidarity in the week since we learned of Aidan’s sudden death.  The most dominant theme is how much Aidan inspired people to change themselves and to change the world around them.

Aidan was the founding Chairman of Pathway, and to use one of his phrases, he set Pathway’s ‘moral compass’.

We continue to commemorate Aidan’s life, but his first and most obvious memorials are both Pathway itself, and the Faculty of Homeless and Inclusion Health, neither of which would exist without Aidan’s leadership and vision.

There are many tributes to Aidan across the internet. This is not intended as a comprehensive collection but we link to some pieces below.

Aidan was a great speaker. The first link is to one of his last talks on leadership to a group of medical students. Aidan loved talking to students and young people, and anyone who knew Aidan will remember how he could talk.

Health commentator Andy Cowper

A very warm tribute from Dr Mike Dixon at the NHS Alliance

John Walsh, Practice Manager at the York Street Homeless Health Service wrote a very moving piece 

A tribute in the British Medical Journal (BMJ)

Ashley Prime, writes on the Civil Service blog about making a human connection

Roger Kline, writing in The Guardian 

Richard Kline from Middlesex University’s piece has attracted wonderful warm comments

Pathway’s obituary page for Aidan

A Pathway piece for the Guardian, exploring the impact of Aidan’s death how the charity has worked to preserve his memory and continue his work