Pathway’s Chief Executive Alex Bax was interviewed on the BBC Radio Gloucester breakfast show this morning following the launch of a new service in Gloucester for homeless patients.  Consultant Dr Pippa Medcalfe has launched a new service that makes sure each homeless patient seen in the hospital is referred to housing support workers before they are discharged.  The service has already helped 180 patients across Cheltenham and Gloucester and is reporting an 80 percent success rate.  A key objective for the service is to avoid discharging vulnerable homeless patients back to the streets.

Alex Bax said, “Pathway’s medical director Dr Nigel Hewett visited the Gloucester team last Thursday.  He was hugely impressed by the new co-ordinated approach that has created strong links between hospital services and services for homeless people in the community.”

The community services are led by local charity GEAR and there is more information about them and the new service here.