Homelessness and Health – an Introduction for Practitioners and Service Providers

This module is part of a digital training package on health inequality and the social determinants of health. It will take around 2:40 to complete, with an optional 3 hours of case studies, plus reflection time.

Using presentations from leading experts this module provides you with an introduction to the relationship between homelessness and health inequalities.  This module is designed for:

  • Practitioners
  • Clinicians
  • Policy-makers
  • Campaigners and people with lived experience of exclusions
  • Commissioners
  • Service providers

The sessions cover an introduction to inclusion health, the impact of exclusion on health inequalities, key issues around housing provision and legal aspects of housing and homelessness.

Additional units to supplement this learning are listed in the side bar.

An Introduction to Inclusion Health – the Pathway experience and the Faculty’s approach to quality improvement

Dr. Nigel Hewett, Medical Director of Pathway, reflects on his career as a GP working in homeless health, the development of Pathway and inclusion health as a speciality.

Dr Nigel Hewett – An Introduction to Inclusion Health

Extreme Exclusion and Health Inequalities

Speaking in 2015, Dr. Al Story and Professor Andrew Hayward summarise the findings of their research on the health impact of exclusion in high income countries.

Dr Al Story & Professor Andrew Hayward – Extreme Exclusion and Health Inequalities

Access to Housing and Homelessness Safety Nets

Carolyn Howell from Shelter summarises the key legislation in housing and welfare and how this impacts homeless people (legislative references correct at 2015).

Carolyn Howell – Access to Housing and Homelessness Safety Nets

Homelessness Prevention In England – The Homelessness Reduction Act

Dr Francesca Albanese and Helena Brice from Crisis explore trends in homelessness, methods of measuring homelessness, and the reasons behind the Homelessness Reduction Bill (now the Homelessness Reduction Act). This presentation is a podcast.

Dr Francesca Albanese & Helena Brice – Homelessness Prevention In England

Case Studies

Pathway teams from across the country share the service design and innovations that help them support patients who are homeless.

Zoe Matthews and Michelle Gavin from Friends, Families and Travellers look at ways health services can support Gypsies and Travellers.

Zoe Matthews & Michelle Gavin – A manifesto for collaboration: A system change approach 

Dr Angela Burnett, Jonathan Kazembe & Tracy Ndovi discuss ways to improve the recognition of vulnerable migrants in healthcare services and the issues they may face.

Dr Angela Burnett, Jonathan Kazembe & Tracy Ndovi – Improving the recognition of vulnerable migrants

The information in this e-learning resource has been collated by The Faculty for Homeless and Inclusion Health to support learning, collaboration and good practice. This has been sponsored by Public Health England as part of its commitment to sharing evidence and promoting the development of effective local leadership and good practice.