This Faculty for Homeless and Inclusion Health is the first independent, multi-disciplinary network focused on the health care of homeless and other multiply excluded people. Its primary purpose is to re-affirm their fundamental right to be treated with dignity, compassion and respect.

By crossing professional and organisational boundaries, for the first time the Faculty is able to focus on what the patient wants and needs and shape care around him or her. Through this approach, the Faculty is able to develop standards of care for the most vulnerable wherever and however they need it, whether that is in the community, in specialist care such as mental health services or in emergency medical care. To ensure that no aspect of care or experience is overlooked, people with lived experience of homelessness are essential members of this Faculty.

Led by Dr Nigel Hewett and hosted by Pathway, the network brings together clinicians and people with experience of homelessness in the Faculty. Members include bicycle paramedics, podiatrists, dentists, professors of epidemiology, psychiatry and infectious diseases, general practitioners, hospital consultants and practice, specialist and district nurses, physiotherapists, psychotherapists, psychologists, counsellors, drugs workers and alcohol specialists.

Following publication of the Inclusion Health Service Standards for Commissioners and Service Providers, the Faculty has worked on:

  • Improving data sharing across services for people who are homeless
  • Emergency medicine and homelessness
  • Developing shared approaches to clinical governance for homeless health services
  • Providing CPD and networking support for specialist homelessness practitioners

We work hard to ensure that our research is free and open access wherever possible.  Click here to visit the Faculty publications page.

The faculty is currently free to join and membership is open to any health worker who works directly with excluded patients. People with personal experience of homelessness and an interest in changing health services are warmly welcomed.

Membership offers free clinical updates on areas of interest, and chance to meet colleagues through free regional meetings across the country.  Faculty members receive discounted entry to the International Symposium on Homeless and Inclusion Health, and around 200 use this as an opportunity to come together and share their work.

Visit the Training and Events Page for details of upcoming regional meetings, conferences and seminars.
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