The Faculty for Homeless and Inclusion Health has developed a Peer Appraisal process to support teams in assessing and demonstrating the extent to which they meet Faculty Standards.  This process can be used to support CQC inspection.

The documents below summarise the process.  The process currently focuses on Primary Care specialist practices working with homeless people and other excluded groups, but we are keen to develop this for other teams, such as specialist mental health services, Pathway hospital teams, dentistry, podiatry etc.

The process involves a self assessment questionnaire which can be used as a first step, but to receive a certificate of validation against the Faculty Standards requires an appraisal visit by a clinician from a similar practice, a service user and a Faculty moderator. If you would like to plan a Faculty peer appraisal please contact us on

A Brief Summary of Peer Appraisal and the Faculty for Homeless and Inclusion Health

Faculty Peer Appraisal Guidance

Faculty Peer Appraisal Forms 2015