During the preparation of our annual report we studied a number of documents.  Their influence is apparent throughout the report.  We also quoted from published and unpublished research and reports from our teams, and the wide Inclusion Health community.

The list below summarises those texts, and where possible provides a link to their source.  If you have any questions about this data please contact us.

This year our teams supported over 3000 patients.
Unpublished data, Pathway monitoring reports.

Every pound invested in respite care generates £2-£4 of wider benefit
Lowson, K. and Hex, N. (2014). An independent review into the achievements of BRICSS. Bradford: York Health Economics Consortium, p. viii.

So far our London respite care project with UCLH@Home has saved over 270 bed days
Thompson, E. (2016).  Untitled internal monitoring. London: Pathway (unpublished).

Over 70% of people who have lost their home have a health problem
Crisis, (2014). The Unhealthy State of Homelessness. London: Crisis, p.3.

The number of people rough sleeping in London has more than doubled in the last 5 years, from 3673 in 2009-10 to 7500 in 2015
CHAIN (Combined Homelessness and Information Network) data, visited January 2016

King’s Health Partner’s Pathway, England’s largest homelessness hospital team reported that the homeless patients they care for have twice the rate of mental illness of the general population.

 – 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year.
Mind. (undated). Mental Health Facts and Statistics. [ONLINE]. [Accessed January 2015].

 – 51% of homeless patients seen by King’s Health Partner’s Homelessness Team between 2009-2014 reported having a mental health problem. The average annual number of individuals included in the cohort was 1355.
Dorney-Smith, S. (2015). A Summary Literature review of Homeless Hospital Care. London: Pathway (unpublished), p.2.

Fitzpatrick S, Bramley G, Johnsen S. Pathways into Multiple Exclusion Homelessness in Seven UK Cities. Urban Stud published online 27 July 2012 http://usj.sagepub.com/content/early/2012/07/27/0042098012452329

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