Professor Aidan Halligan and Dr Nigel Hewett started looking at the quality of care received by homeless patients in University College Hospital in London in 2009.  After an audit of admissions data Nigel and nurse Trudy Boyce began modelling a service and working patients in autumn 2009. Our first data showing initial positive outcomes for patients and improvements for the hospital was published in December 2009.

In April 2010 we registered as a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee (with the name ‘the London Pathway).  In November 2010 we achieved full charitable registration and held our first full meeting of Pathway’s Board of Trustees. In 2011 Florence Cumberbatch joined the team; also in 2011 London Pathway built its first website with the domain, in 2013 thanks to Notting Hill Housing Trust the domain was secured and this new website began to reflect  the work which we are now doing all over the country.

2012 was an exciting year Josie Mavromatis joined the hospital team at UCH becoming the very first care navigator. (She has now been joined by two trainees Gavin and Fin) Later the same year Stan Burridge joined the office team as research lead on service user involvement.


Watch a video on You Tube of Professor Aidan Halligan explaining the origins of the London Pathway.

(nb) London Pathway changed to Pathway in 2013, this reflects the work we now across the UK. More details are provided further into our website.